Why Darling?

The ‘flower village’ Darling is popularly known as the wildflower jewel of the West Coast, only 85 km from Cape Town. The little village is tucked away between hills of vineyards and golden wheat fields. You can explore the town on foot. Browse through the antiques and collectables and visit the interesting small craft and gift shops. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the ‘stoep’ of a coffee shop or farm stall, linger a while and see the locals go  by.

Darling is a progressive small town with a good infrastructure and everything necessary to cover your daily needs. The village has its own supermarkets, banks, ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) facilities, a pharmacy, clinic, doctors, schools and several churches.













Although traditionally known for its spectacular wildflowers, Darling has so much more to offer to visitors. Darling is becoming a new discovery area of modern Cape wines and already some of the region’s wines have achieved the highest critical acclaim.

During your stay in South-Africa it is no doubt that people will ask you ‘Why Darling???’. Here you find only some of the answers you could give:

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